Ode to the Balcony – By Dan Leicht / @Deeliopunk #FridayReads #Poetry


Ode to the Balcony  By Dan Leicht

Busy view far off,

tranquil in the foreground,

the creek endlessly babbles,

parking lot forever bustling behind the trees,

three green chairs taken from a former home,

a candle lit up in the night.


A haven stripped of use

during bitter winter months,

thawed and loved once more when ice vanishes.

As a body wrapped in warmth,

cool air still nipping,

listening to the train go by, unseen

but often heard.


Telephone cables march along from post to post

obstructing the view of a green dumpster in the distance.

The one with “SKOOL SUKS” spray-painted on the side,

fluorescent pink making a stand

against education.


It’s here where the rainfall looks like shooting stars,

and stories are ignited in the breeze,

it’s here where books are read in the sunlight and

closed before nightfall.

It’s here where a poet rests his pen,

where a pizza box lid becomes a coffee table,

as it rests on one of the chairs

It’s here where the sounds of life vanish

into headphones,

the mind fills with imagination.


It’s a far off world

hidden behind a glass door.

It can be locked away with ease,

ventured into just the same.

It’s a seasonal pleasure,


changing from month to month,

but always there. Watching

the world go by before it.

Creating new stories with the passing of time,

watching the days

from a silent perch.

posted 5/8/15 to DanLeicht.com 

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