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The best part about finding a new author to read is you have a whooooole lot of books to catch up on. That’s how I felt when I was given Sphere by author Michael Crichton. I read it in a few days, then bought Prey, read that in a couple days, then bought The Terminal Man…  (I know libraries are a thing… but feel like I’d like to own all his books, since they’re really really good!).

His books have a level of suspense that keep me flipping pages like a mad man. Like in Prey (possible spoiler) when the nano cloud makes its looming presence you just get so nervous for everyone outside – get into the shed!!!!! Or in Sphere whenever “Jerry” spoke on the computer in that childish manner, I found myself looking forward to those pages because it was just so creepy to see… were they going to upset Jerry or was he a nice guy?

What are some of your favorite Michael Crichton books? Eventually i’d like to read them all! The books also go really good with coffee…. (fyi)

And look what came!

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