Starting with the cover?

Do you ever get an idea for a cover before the story? This just happened to me, and i’m hoping the story is going to come along soon enough — even though this makes side project #…? — but i’m just wondering if this ever happens to others when thinking of new projects. There have been plenty of times where just making the cover (or some version of it) can be used to motivate me to finish the stories — used this for the Black Coffee series and would make the covers my phone background to keep me on track. Any others find this to be a motivating technique?

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6 comments on “Starting with the cover?
  1. Tim Kimber says:

    Not quite the same, but I heard an interview with Quentin Tarantino in which he said he approaches writing initially from his record collection, picking out a few tunes from which to inspire the rest of the story.

  2. I never think of the cover until I have finished the story, but Mark creates the cover first and then starts writing, so it is not something uncommon or unknown to me. I had also heard that about Tarantino.

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