Park Ave (A #CharlesSplints Case) Chapter 8 – By Dan Leicht

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Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Chapter 8

They wouldn’t calm down. On either side of me they howled as if trying to hold back a demonic transformation. I would have abandoned the bed if I wasn’t in the same situation. They’d been bound to their beds, just as I had, my wrists chained to the metal frame as I laid on a thin pad separating my back from the rusted metal springs. The more they cried for sustenance the more I felt their pain. “More! We need more!”, they both shouted. I could feel myself craving it too…what was it? A hunger was churning within me. It began to drive me mad the more I thought about how much I craved this healing nourishment.

“We need more! Give us more!” they chanted.

The hunger was burning within me. I could feel something compelling me, the scent of what could fill the hole I was feeling. With every bit of strength I had left I pulled on the chains, the metal frame of the bed creaking as the metal grinded against my flesh. With a snap my right wrist broke free, though badly wounded. My left soon followed and I once again made my way to the hallway, this time consumed by instincts I could not explain.

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