Charles Splints Takes On Park Ave

The final chapter to the Park Ave series is coming this Friday! It’s been a long journey to reach this point. This story started out as another average Splints case, but soon evolved into an even wilder tale than the East Ave story I wrote. The Park Ave story started out with the same idea in regards to length as East Ave, which was five chapters, but soon turned into a two part, then a three part, and ultimately a four part series. As the story progressed things kept getting weirder, but I just let it ride… it was really fun to play with this story. You can check out the first chapter to the Park Ave series HERE.

You can check out the first 3 parts to the Park Ave series for free via Smashwords! This story will also be making its way to Kindle – so look out for that in the near future!


You can also grab the Charles Splints case “East Ave” for FREE on both platforms as well! Check out this case and see how Splints deals with the supernatural for the first time.

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