Biking Around The Neighborhood (A Friends to Lovers Sweet Romance)

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Kindle Vella Story – The Tree We Used To Climb

The Tree We Used To Climb

Erik and Olivia met at a party hosted by their mutual friend Mark. They discover they have a lot in common, including a favorite spot they’d visited in their youth, a lakeside tree in a park. Memories were made when they were younger, but now both are eager to make new memories alongside the tree they used to climb.

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The Decade Lens & Lone Imposter (on SciFiShorts)

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Read – Lone Imposter – on Scifishorts!

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The Centennial Engagement has a new cover!

the centennial engagement

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Season 2 of One Town Over has started on Kindle Vella

Season 2 of the serial romance One Town Over has started on Kindle Vella. Join John and Katie, along with other residents of Peak Creek, as the small town heads toward the holidays.

John Prince’s life in Peak Creek seems perfect. He’s been seeing Cassandra Queen for six months and hopes to move in together. However, Cassandra resists the change, putting John’s romantic future into question. When an opportunity to advance at work opens up, John feels his luck turning around. Katie Young, a recent transfer at the firm, has other plans. Their rivalry collides when they have to co-present during a company retreat. Season 2 starts with episode 81.

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Chemistry Countdown – A New Serial Romance Coming To My Newsletter

Chemistry Countdown will be a 10 part series starting January 13th. We’ve all recently been a part of a countdown (how was your New Year’s Eve by the way?). Mary and her sisters live all over the country, but make it home to bring in the new year, per her family’s new tradition. When she arrives in her hometown her car spins out. She’s fine, but a good neighbor taps on her window to check on her. Is that Justin from highschool? Didn’t they have Chemistry together? Or was it biology?


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