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The Centennial Courtship

Kindle Vella




A novel length contemporary romance series.

Description: Abigail Bloom’s life is thrown into a sweeping romance when a new deputy rolls into the small town of Brooks Landing, but when her high school boyfriend admits he still loves her, and her ex-husband enters back into her life, she’s unsure if she can hold onto her new chance at true love. A break-in in the small town causes Abigail’s exes to suspect the new deputy. Can she trust him or is he using her as an alibi?

The Centennial Courtship

The Centennial Engagement


Kindle Vella

Book a room at the bed-and-breakfast and return to Brooks Landing during the holidays. Abigail and Hunter’s relationship continues to grow, but are they ready to make the next step? Meanwhile, Colin finds himself in a blooming love triangle. Unfortunately for Hunter, and Colin, their love lives are uprooted when the neighboring town of Peak Creek calls on the help of Officer Robinson (and his crime-stopping partner Colin Bloom) to solve a mystery once again-This time before Christmas.

the centennial engagement


Also available on Kindle Vella:

The Fantasy of Love: A Romance Story Collection

The Fantasy of Love is a collection of stories all about romance, from first dates to anniversaries.

The first two episodes in the collection are titled, In Search of The Perfect Way to Say “I Love You”, and Going up?  – The first is about a couple figuring out what to get each other for their one-year-anniversary, and the second is about a nervous pair excited about their first date.


One Town Over (Seasons 1 & 2)

John Prince’s life in Peak Creek seems perfect. He’s been seeing Cassandra Queen for six months and hopes to move in together. However, Cassandra resists the change, putting John’s romantic future into question. When an opportunity to advance at work opens up, John feels his luck turning around. Katie Young, a recent transfer at the firm, has other plans. Their rivalry collides when they have to co-present during a company retreat. Season 2 starts with episode 81.




A list of 30 Romantic Reads I’ve posted to Medium. This collection was posted to my medium publication The Coffee Pot and includes some of the following titles:

The Seduction of a Science Fiction Writer

Dating In The Teleportation Age

Falling In Love Before Landing

No More Saying Goodbye


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