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The young Charles Splints cases take place when the future detective of Brooksend was still in elementary school. A seven year old Charles Splints is on the case.  SLIDE SCHOOL LUNCH THE GOLD PENCIL SHARPENER GUMSHOE Find more on

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New Story – Available on Medium

  A Plush Rodent Named Eric (On

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Poetry: Paul The Skull/The Skull of Paul


By Dan Leicht Paul was very tall and now I have his skull but that’s not what this poem is about at all Relax it’s a replica given to me as they were cleaning out the office of a surgeon

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Have A Good One – New Poetry Available @ Spillwords


Have A Good One  Please rate and share you if enjoy. Thank you, Dan   More poetry available @ Spillwords

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New Poetry at Spillwords


A few of my recent poems are available to read on, along with a wide array of other poets as well. A few of my most recent: Priorities Beside a Bookcase  Replica of a Skull  

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nightingale It started out as a song, the one that happened to play as he made that sharp turn around exit twenty-five on their first date. She was passing through the radio stations not wanting to listen to a song

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New Apartment by Dan Leicht


New Apartment By Dan Leicht   There was something eerie about the lone crate tucked into the corner of the room. He entered his new cramped apartment, placed his boxes down, uncertain what might have been left for him by

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Stained Ceramic – New Poem up on Spillwords


Stained Ceramic      Other poems found on Spillwords:  Possibility Bleach    

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Flammable By Dan Leicht He walked into the bookstore and took a match to the bookcase closest to the door. The first book to catch fire was written by a man who believed himself the best cook in all of

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The time Jeremy ran into a burning building to save a lobster


The time Jeremy ran into a burning building to save a lobster By Dan Leicht   It was no ordinary Wednesday evening when Jeremy found himself standing in front of a lawn chair store. The weather was nipping at his

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