Arachnid with Wings – By Dan Leicht #Poetry #FridayReads #Comics #Superheroes

Arachnid with Wings – By Dan Leicht


building to building; thwip or grapple

Arachnid collides with Nocturnal Knight

Jester sits beside the eight armed doctor – laughs

Web-slinger sides with the Dark Crusader

Both putting differences aside

to protect the city



goes off in an apartment

Smoking oven serves as a riddle

“At the old Betty Crocker factory,” says the Knight


Waiting there

the envious Goblin

baring rancid teeth and a napalm pumpkin

Jester and the doctor both watching from the rafters

as the Knight cloaks himself to the explosions

Jack-o-lanterns bombarding him

in endless onslaught


The Dark figure

only there for distraction

A webbed trap being spun from above

The jester not even giving notice

Or the octo-doc

The Knight slings a bat shaped blade through the air


Cutting the web

Ensnaring the spectators

Missing only one


Wearing an emerald suit

holding a questionable cane

The man in the lime mask travels subway tracks

A mile down he sees lights

speeding towards him

Lights too low for a train


The large wheels of the tumbler approaching

The man of riddles trapped in the web of a bat

Posted 5/1/15 By Dan Leicht 

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