Pistol Wrists – Parts 1-5 By Dan Leicht / @Deeliopunk

Have you checked out Pistol Wrists yet? It’s a story I started a few years ago and come back to every now and then. So far it’s up to part 5 and the story for part 6 has been rattling around in my brain for awhile. Take a look at how it all started before it reaches its end. Hopefully the transition from the first story is believable through to the most recent. If you have any thoughts about them i’d love to hear them.


Pistol Wrists 1- Hero

The first Pistol Wrists – A teenager thinks he knows “It” better than anyone and does something drastic to set himself apart from everyone else. He’s out to prove something, but what is “It”?


Pistol Wrists 2 – Bounty

The Pistol Wrists story continues in Pistol Wrists 2. His actions from story 1 have caught up to him and now he is on the run. Will he be stopped? Can he be?

In this entry in the series we find the main character having to face off against the law as his actions result in a bounty being placed on his capture. The bounty not only has law enforcement after him, but also many hunters that are seeking the fortune.
How will he find his way out of this mess?


Pistol Wrists 3 – The Enlightened

Pistol Wrists 3: The Enlightened – Having been on the run he finds refuge in a small diner. All of the customers staring him down. He’s a wanted man. What will the people do?

Hunger, it’s something that everyone has in common. He steps into a small diner and is instantly rejected. But someone gives him a chance that changes everything.

In The Enlightened we find the main character (a young teen) enter into a diner following the events of Bounty(PW2) where he was on the run. We see him falling victim to something everyone has in common, hunger. Knowing that the diner won’t serve someone who’s been all over the news as a wanted criminal he takes to drastic measures. The choice he makes, the person he picks, decides the rest of his story and sets him into a new role, one that he thought he would never be in. How could anyone but him understand “It”?


Pistol Wrists 4 – Beauty

After the events of The Enlightened the teenager with the pistols in his wrists is on a bus full of “friends”. He is no longer alone in his journey towards “It’. The events of Beauty however have him questioning himself…does he truly know what “It” is?


Pistol Wrists 5 – Moon

He’s on the run alongside his “friends” and looking to recruit more. They find themselves at a familiar setting, but someone takes the opportunity to try and stop him.

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