One More – By Dan Leicht (@Deeliopunk) #Poetry

One More

It’s the fifth cup in the past two hours
but your head keeps bobbing
your neck getting tired from snapping up
over and again

You need to finish the phrase
one more line before bed
one more before the alarm is set

But you don’t make it
your eyes shut
head bobs one final time
and you’re out
in your favorite chair
shivering by the AC

You manage to wake up at midnight
and feel that panic of unknowing
you should’ve been at work hours ago
you make breakfast as if you’re late
thinking it’s noon
thinking you’re incredibly late
wondering why you’re still tired
realizing you’re still tired
it’s not noon

You walk over to the bathroom
stare into the mirror
splash your face
rub your finger under the blue hammocks
strung up under each eye

One more phrase
this time you set the alarm before you start
you’re out after the first word

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