New Poems Over Groceries – #Poetry By Dan Leicht

I bought new poems
instead of groceries

the fridge bare
but the bookcase bulging

I bought new Hoagland
over bread and butter
for the price I could’ve gotten potatoes
bread, apples, meat
but instead I wanted poetry
something different to bite into

my stomach hurts
but there is still coffee brewing
caffeine curbing the appetite
for now

turn of the page and I smile
a smile only poems could bring
no matter how perfect the steak

I bought new poems
instead of groceries

the neighbors are having people over
the ones in apartment two
they invited me to join, asked yesterday
there’s food there
but I won’t be going
I’d rather sit here learning something
something I haven’t seen yet

if only there was ice cream in the freezer
pistachio flavor comes to mind
as I turn each page
a mear fantasy
but these poems will have to continue holding me over
until the next check arrives

I bought new poems
instead of groceries

instead of groceries
I bought new poems

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