Park Ave Featuring Charles Splints Will Be A 3 PART Series

The newest Charles Splints case “Park Ave” just finished it’s Part 1 recently. Part 1 features 5 chapters, each of which are the length of flash fiction pieces. Parts 2 and 3 will both be composed of similar chapter lengths, as well as both be composed of 5 chapters each. Part 2 is already underway and is getting even crazier than how part 1 ended. This is fun story to write since I haven’t explored the character of Charles Splints in these types of situations before (supernatural, creepy). Instead of him going up against crime bosses like he’s done in the past (The Black Coffee Series) he’s instead facing a supernatural invasion taking place in his beloved city of Brooksend. Expect to see the first chapter to Part 2 appear on my website tomorrow morning – and have an open mind as to what you can expect. Splints is going to need a lot more than just coffee to make it this time. 

For anyone interested I first dived into this new unknown territory with Splints in the story “East Ave”, which you can find for Free download on Smashwords (no login required). This story consisted of only 5 chapters, the lengths similar to “Park Ave”.

Check out Part 1 for the “Park Ave” series.


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