#ParkAve Chapter 9 – A #CharlesSplints Case By Dan Leicht

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Chapter 9:

The hallway was barely lit by the moon leaking through the bloodstained windows. I was being compelled to follow a scent without knowing where it would lead. It was driving everything within me to find it’s origin. As I sprinted through the halls of the hospital I kept remembering back to the man I had tackled in the hallway, the one who looked just like me…he was me. He thought I would be trying to stop him, as I thought of him, and yet he didn’t seem to have any interest in the task. He was on a mission of his own as he left me there as bait to fend off the oncoming horde. Where was he headed? Certainly if I found him I could learn more about what’s going on I thought. I had become an animal on an overwhelming hunt.

Somewhere in the dank hospital he was on a frantic search just as I was. If I listened closely I could make out his steps from the floor above. He was opening each and every door in his search, undoubtably one of the shapfeshifters who had raided my apartment. Frantically my steps carried me up the stairs as a shoulder into a heavy door launched me into the hallway. The noise startled him as he turned around and grinned at my arrival.

“Wondered how long until my ugly mug showed up again,” he said as he raised his fists.
“I don’t wish to fight you, I just want answers,” I spoke softly as I made my way towards him with my hands up by my chest with palms open.
“Must not have gotten your taste yet, have you? Probably still think you’re me too.”
“What are you talking about? What is it you’re searching for?”
“More like a ‘who’, at least I hope that’s still the case. Not exactly sure what you things do with your source material once it runs dry.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’d love to read you a story and tuck you in, but I’ve got places to be,” with that he ran off towards the staircase and traveled onto the next floor.
“No, I’ve been looking for you!” I ran after him, out of both curiosity and the unknown force that compelled me.

©Dan Leicht 2016

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