Park Ave/PART 3 – Chapter 11: A Charles Splints Case – By: Dan Leicht

617fda42197c76e3ffa405109598ecc9.originalPark Ave – A Charles Splints Case

By: Dan Leicht

Chapter 11:

“So, you going to tell me what you know?” he asked as he pulled up a chair in front of me and took a seat.

“How is this possible? How can I be a shapeshifter and have no memory of it?”
“This pain in my arm and spot where it looks like a needle got shoved in should answer a few questions. Must’ve happened on a bender at some point, one of your shifter friends found an old drunk and decided he looked good a choice as any. Could’ve injected you and a few others to look like me.”
“There are others..but they’ve gone mad.”
“Yeah, those two. I’ve seen days like that before. Too much black coffee will do that to you.”

My mind was still focused on consuming his flesh, so much that i was finding it hard to concentrate on his questions. His accusation I was actually the shapeshifter wasn’t making it any easier to control myself, everything was spiraling out of control. I’ve been on this case since the beginning…haven’t I?

“Are you going to tell me what you’ve learned about this case or just drool while looking off into the distance all night?”
“You first. I need a minute to compose myself.”
“Here. This should take the edge off.”
“What is it?”
“Vial of my blood. Take a sip whenever you feel the insanity kicking in. Should do for you what scotch does for me. Doubt it’d be any good on the rocks, but what do I know. There’s an ice machine in the cafeteria if you need it.”

He untied me and handed me the vial. It sickened me to look at it, but I knew there could be no resisting it’s contents. I took a swig of it and placed it into the inner pocket of my trench coat. The taste had a tinge of whiskey to it.

“How do you know if this vial will keep me at bay?”
“From what I’ve seen you shapeshifters are compelled to find your real life counterparts, and then remove them so you can take over all together. Even if I leave you here you’ll just come looking for me again. The two in the beds are mad in their cravings. I’ll trust you as long as you keep control. Do I really have a mole there?”

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