Park Ave – Parts 1-4 By Dan Leicht

The case has been solved! Have you been reading the latest Charles Splints case?

The story I did prior gets referenced a bit in the beginning. So make sure to check out East Ave first. It’s a short story with five short chapters. Here’s a brief description:

A note is left at the door by quick footsteps containing an address. Splints follows it to learn there’s more than just crime bosses and thieves in Brooksend, but the supernatural as well. 

Charles Splints is an aging detective kicked from the force years ago. The people of Brooksend still know he’s the one to turn to when they have a case, so he keeps his office open just in case a beautiful woman walks in looking for a cup of coffee. (First appearance: Blissfire)

Now you’re ready to check out the Park Ave series. This series consists of four parts with each part about as long as East Ave and containing five chapters each.

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